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Piercings & Massage

Pricing for one person. We do not pierce cartilage, noses, tragus, conch, daith, rook or any industrial piercings.

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Single Piercing


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Double Piercing

All earring types are included in all piercing sessions.



This is for those who have already booked at least two piercings in the same day/ appointment. We can offer the 3rd and 4th piercing/earring at $20 each, as a discounted rate to thank you for bundling your service.


Earlobe Piercings

We specialize in safe, gentle ear lobe piercings for clients of all ages. We use an innovative hand pressure technique performed by a trained piercing specialists to insert the earring back into the lobe without the need for any needles. This method minimizes pain, bleeding, and infection risks compared to traditional piercing methods.

FDA approved, Hand Pressured medical grade instrument, no gun or needle, hypoallergenic, Sterile Piercing Earrings, Cleaning solution included.

Additional Piercings


Life can be stressful and taking time to properly relax and unwind is important. Zero gravity chairs provide the perfect solution for both relaxing your body and calming your mind. When you recline back in a zero gravity chair, your body settles into the natural "neutral body posture" position, completely eliminating tension and strain. This distributes your weight evenly, improving circulation and muscle oxygenation.

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20 Minute Session in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Luxe Plus

40 Minute Session in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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60 Minute Session in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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